Blueberry Steeldrum

A Jamaican favorite with coconut rum

and fresh blueberry juice blend served in a mini steeldrum

Cuba Libre

Fresh squeezed lime and CocaCola with almond and

aged dark rum served in a chop-top coke bottle

Flaming bananabunch

Coconut, Java and fresh baby banana juice in a half banana, set ablaze. Shoot the shot then eat the banana!

Fire spirit

Get ready to stoke your passions with the synergy of a natural circulation invigorator to warm you and a wild-root adrenaline stimulant to push the throttle. 1 will put a spring in your step 3 will keep you up all night.

Dancing Bear

Float just a little above the fray as your soul dances

one step closer to your psychedelic spirit-guide.

Silver Cloud

Let the bliss roll in from the horizon with a leaf and root tincture recipe handed down through the centuries.

Mezcal Mule

South of the border Moscow Mule with

mezcal, dark rum and ginger beer served

in a copper mug

Mayan Elixers

Tropical Cocktails

Howler Monkey

A rainforest shower of melon and kiwi

with conquistador tequila,

served in a bamboo flute

Strawberry Red teajito

Iced red tea and fresh strawberry juice

spun into a classic Spanish Mojito

(Non-alcoholic Native American medicinal herb tonics.

Doses are potent, limit 3 per person.)

Our produce and ingredients are fresh because they are locally grown and organic.   We can't guarantee this 100% of the time, as the growing seasons vary, but we try our best!Our mixologists and chef are armed with the most delicious and vibrant fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and savory ingredients known to man.

Soft Rain

Cool your neurons with a soul softening blend of roots

and blossom tinctures.