Popping tags at thrift stores

for design supplies (ooh, and that

cool Billie Jean jacket)

Lunch break at the


The first historical house before

beginning renovation.

Little Pinta, my limo.

 The Mission

Hi, I'm Caleb Boyers and I though I'd write a little about what all went into opening Bar Marley, so everybody can see where this idea is coming from. I have always had a love for animals and the natural environment and have probably seen every nature documentary and ecological educational series ever made and left my footprints in as many nature preserves as is humanly possible. Because of my growing up working on boats, I had the opportunity to help crew a boat on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Central America and it inspired a big dream. Seeing firsthand the commercial disregard for the fragile and complex environment, while hiking and snorkeling in this region, had a strange effect on me. Having been raised blue collar but resourceful, I decided to do whatever it took, however long it took, to open a business that was devoted to this cause. The idea being: Unlike traditional charities, I could continually generate money for the cause if I started a local free-market business that dedicating all profits to the cause. That way people could support the cause 

and have fun doing it.

Starting with savings from waiting tables, and much time donated by family and friends, I bought the a historical house as a foreclosure in Old North Knoxville. With the critical help of my family pitching in and working, I restored the first home on Armstrong Ave, by the Lutheran school. Living in a tent in the back yard and using repurposed or salvaged antique hardwood to restore the period features, I kept the expenses very low. The profit from that sale went directly into the next house project, and so on. Many restoration projects and financial setbacks later, that fund has made enough to open Bar Marley and begin phase 1 of OPERATION NEMO. Our small group of family and friends are on an unrelenting quest and we need your help!