SCHEDULE OF EVENTS          February 6, 2016

4 P.M.

Blooming of Stoneside. Bring a pre-chilled tulip bulb and help cultivate new  life in this budding cultural area of Knoxville by planting it along Jennings, Pruett, Tyson or Stone Street.

5 P.M.

Arrival of the Bob Marley Love bus at Bar Marley's bonfire and the start of the sunset parade along Stone Street, through Bar Marley and Ironwood studios.

6 P.M 

Natty Lovejoys preview, live on stage

7 P.M.

Fire and hoop performances by the bonfire to the jam improvisations of Ross DaFareye

9 P.M.

Josiah Atchley and the Greater Good live on stage

11:30 P.M.

Bob's Marley's birthday cake cutting and games


12 A.M.

The glow in the dark night parade ending in the

Natty Lovejoys till the wee hours.