SCHEDULE OF EVENTS      February 6, 2016

4 P.M.

Blooming of Stoneside. Bring a pre-chilled tulip bulb and help cultivate new life in this budding cultural area of Knoxville by planting it along Jennings, Pruett, Tyson or Stone Street.

5 P.M.

Arrival of the Bob Marley Love bus at Bar Marley's bonfire and the start of the parade along Stone Street, through Bar Marley and Ironwood studios.

6 P.M 

Natty Lovejoys live on stage

8 P.M.

Fire and hoop performances by the bonfire accompanied by djembe drum core.

8:30 P.M.

Glow in the dark reggae night parade.

10 P.M. 

Ross Dafareye opens for the Natty Lovejoys

12 P.M.

The Great Mardi Gras Adventure Games

then Natty Lovejoys till the wee hours.