Wave Rolls

   (Fusion recipes, in hand-rolled authentic flour tlaxcallis)                    


 Pick your spice level:               

1st world (Mild)    2nd world (Moderate)  3rd world (Mojo)

Summer Rolls

A caribbean-jerked vegan luxury with fresh creoleslaw, blackeyed peas, tomatoes, coconut and fresh herbs.


Traditional home cooked Mexicani twisted with mystical Greek Tzatziki Magic.

Kingston Bonfire

Caribbean jerked chicken rolls with creoleslaw and blackeyed peas.


The tropics of the far east dance nicely with the flavors of the Caribbean. Grilled lime shrimp stir-fry tossed into a tangle of Thai noodles, then spun with a vibrant coconut Thai sauce.


Take a leap and try something deliciously exotic. Taste the sultry East African tropics with smoked curried pork, sundried tomato and apricot salsa lightly laced with rich baby bananas.




Johnny Cakes

Jamaican for "Journey Cakes". Delicious semi-sweet doughey confections designed for extended treks into the jungle.


Sweet nutritious plantains sauteed until golden brown

Hand-pressed Crisp-grilled Corn Tortillas

With from-scratch traditional salsa

Tiajuana Cart corn

Delicious grilled corn on the cob, spiced, limed and skewered, for walking in the market (pickpockets not included).

Bar standards

   With a tropical twist

Open fire Wings

Tossed in your favorite sauce choice and one on the side.

Jerked BBQ sliders and creoleslaw

Pepper poppers

Stuffed with Voodoo Tzatziki magic

dressings and sauces(house recipes)

Blue cheese     Ranch    Tropical Honey Dijon

Ancho BBQ     Buffalo    Bacon Watermelon Vinaigrette

Thai Lime

Our produce and ingredients are fresh because they are locally grown and organic.   We can't guarantee this 100% of the time, as the growing seasons vary, but we try our best!Our mixologists and chef are armed with the most delicious and vibrant fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and savory ingredients known to man.

Miniature Desserts

(think tinkerbell)

dutch Buttercup

Secret dutch recipe that involved peanuts,

a pirate, some sweet cream and a brisk north wind.

Colombian cocaine

Wildly tropical fresh fruit, lightly candied and "popped"