Bar Marley Donates 100% of our profit

to the protection of tropical dry forests,

tropical rain forests, and endangered coral reefs

in Central America.

Bar Marley is an innovative free-market-for-charity equatorial rainforest and reef conservation experiment. The project has been 10 years in the making and has been funded entirely by the restoring and selling of historical homes in the Knoxville Old North, Park Ridge and Fourth and Gill neighborhoods.  The rainforests, dry forest and living reefs, not to mention the indigenous Native American tribes that still thrive in these forests are being slowly pushed out by commercial land purchases. Why not fight fire with fire?

100% of the profit from Bar Marley, (after employee pay and essential expenses) are being dedicated to the unrelenting free-market preservation of land in these fragile environments. Restaurants are not permitted to have "non-profit" legal status but our mission is on fire because the struggle is real. The power and efficiency of free-market innovation, combined with a dedicated conservation cause make it a powerful weapon in the fight to defend these ecosystems. Bar Marley is NOT a non-profit business. We are very much a for-profit, money making fiesta-engine. It just so happens that the profits are all for endangered reefs and rainforests. We are not shy about wanting your business. When you have fun, so do the fish and forests.

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